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Mustang Region Trek

This travel destination is located in Far western development region of Nepal located in Dhaulagiri District. Mustang covers the total area of 3573km square and has a population of 13452 according to the census 2011. Mustang lies in the altitude of 3840m in the North-West part of Nepal. Mustang differentiated into two parts Upper Mustang and lower Mustang. Upper Mustang Trek is mostly popular for adventurous trekking and the lower Mustang is famous for natural scenery. Upper Mustang has a Trans Himalayan climate. Trekking in Nepal, Mustang is located in the northernmost part of the country is rich in natural vegetation. The biodiversity of the region swiped entire hillsides with pink and red rhododendron forests. Thousand years of an old Buddhist monastery, unique caves, local tribes and scenic beauties of the land of behind Himalayas or rain shadow area are the basic highlights of Mustang.
Mustang is famous for adventure sports such as cycling, rock climbing, trekking, and horseracing. Mustang mountain ranges such as Annapurna and Nilgiri range, Jomsom valley lies in the shade of these mountains, which drained by the Kaligandaki River. Mountains and the beauty of Mustang. Mustang Tiji Festival influenced by Tibetan Buddhism is the main festival of this place. Local people have their own way of family life, which is quite surprising for participants and more even practice of polyandry.



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