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Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

1 year ago

Tiji has derived the word from Tempa Chhirim, considered as “Prayer for world peace”. It is an annual festival celebrated only in the Upper Mustang Region of Nepal in the small kingdom of Lomanthang. Tiji festival is celebrated for the victory of Dhorji Sonam(Belief as an incarnation of Buddha), over a demon called MA Tam RU TA, who causes disease, storm, drought and destroy houses, livestock. It is celebrated for three days in Chhyode Gumba. Mask dance of monk is the special attraction during Tiji following Archery and horse riding challenge. According to the locals, the festival brings peace, prosperity and take away the odds.
Mustang Tilji Festival Trek where the native people have accepted the loaded traditions and set of values which are and were followed by their genetics. You can easily find a trace of their ancestors. The capital of Mustang district is acknowledged as Lo- Manthang and is the walled city. Here, you can seize the civilizing and spiritual assessment which is playing as the crucial and sanctified meaning for the Tibetan Buddhist. This place is assumed as the abode of the present king of Mustang and covers 4210m of elevation.
The season for Mustang Tiji Festival is suggested from March to November. Moreover, this year in 2018, it is going to start from May 12 until May 14. Fixed departure is confirmed and participants are welcome to experience the Tibetan Buddhist, culture, tradition and unique festival in rain shadow upper mustang.



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