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Peak Climbing in Nepal

For those clients who are interested in trekking and trekking peak climbing in the countries of Nepal and Tibet, we are currently offering support and services. There are more than 1400 identified Himalayan peaks over 6000m including 10 out of 17 of the highest peaks in the world. Currently, there are 406 peaks open for climbing and mountaineering in Nepal.

The Himalaya unquestionably stands alone as a premier mountaineering and climbing destination for hundreds of climbers and mountaineers looking to test their skills and endurance while fulfilling their desire to summit a Himalayan peak and marvel the world from its rooftop. If you’re looking for adventure in Nepal your trip won’t be complete without climbing a 6000m trekking peak in the Himalayas. Peak climbing expedition can be both technically and physically challenging activities. It is usually a surprise to the first time visitor just how daunting a “Trekking Peak” in Nepal can be. For the long term and calculated climbers aspiring toward bigger projects in the Himalaya 6000m trekking peak climbs are a starting point for bigger objectives at 7000m and 8000m peaks. Most trekking peaks range in height from 5500m to 6700m.




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